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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Other movies I've seen but not written about

Juno - liked it, but hated it at the same time. thought the acting was good but the story was not well thought. February???

Devil's Advocate - Saw this many, many times before, but still love it. How can you not like Al Pacino playing Satan... but seriously, why does Keanu Reeves suck at acting? June 23

Superbad - V. funny. Suprisingly funny June 7

Knocked up - too ridicuolously unbelievable to watch, really. but i did and it was fairly amusing. Also Mayish

Baby Mama - so v. disappointing. Love you Tina, but no, this was not so good. Mayish

Semipro - also disappointing. Of course, if you've already made Anchorman, then maybe it's best to just stop because there is no way to get any funnier than that. Not really - love Will Ferrell. - June 19

88 minutes - Contrary to reviews, I liked this one. Maybe I'm crazy. Do wish the ending was less predictable... and hey, why didn't anyone tell me this movie was where teenage TV actors went to die?? - June 23

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